May 14, 2010


tiny california apricots are in. this is great news. so fragrant and juicy, tart, sweet, luscious apricots.

this variety, the royal blenheims, or royals or blenheims, depending on who you ask, are a lineage from britain and france brought over to the states in the 1800s. they are tiny and often have green shoulders, but are also some of the best eating apricots you can find. they arrive in late spring/early summer and have a firm, juicy flesh. not at all mealy or cottony, like some of the larger varieties.

my kitchen is filled with their sweet perfume right now. you might want to run right out to the grocery store this minute and buy some, they are that good. and their season is pretty much over by mid june, so don't be too long about it.

have a great weekend. xo, g


  1. apricot season is my favorite. yipee.

  2. who knew? i hadn't seen them in the l.a. markets yes. but i'm running right out...... loved your ribbony cushions!

  3. What a beautiful photo! I really like the color of apricots. So pretty!