Apr 14, 2010

on rustic spheres

so much depends upon the  iron sphere at the edge of the wood in the long shadows of the afternoon

or whereupon i make a case for and buy a rusting iron wire sphere. now, we can all agree: no one really needs a giant wire sphere in their yard. but you can't carry practicality too far. lest life would be an endless stream of uninteresting tasks and responsibilities injected with no imagination or verve whatsoever. no art, no passion. where would we be then?

no this nonessential sphere is important, nay, essential. a symbolic reminder of the state of cultural decay of world society, or civilized manners, or maybe worn and eroding physical networks, old technology soon to be replaced by newer virtual electronic ones. or maybe it's symbolic of life in the universe on the atomic level, spinning atoms, electrons, protons, or no, perhaps it's all future and sub atomic hypothetical higgs boson particles and hadron super colliders.

or maybe its just totally spherical. and beautiful.

anyway, whatever you do, don't take a lovely drive up to the all-too charming hamlet of kent, connecticut, one brilliant afternoon and have a look around at all the treasures of r.t. facts or you might come home with one too. or maybe you'll have some heady rationalizing to do.

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