Feb 25, 2010

poufs in the library

i have been working on my library, trying to get it to look presentable. it is the first room see when you come to our house so i want to make a good impression. we never had a library before we moved into this house, so i had to start from just about nothing, nothing but books, lots of books, too many books.

with this project. i finally found an excuse to indulge my love of john derian's shop and his colorful moroccan poufs. lots of people sell similar poufs, but none i've seen have the color range he has. so many colors of blue poufs. love them. all. and love any excuse to head into manhattan to his shop downtown. although my kids find it very creepy, like you are at your crazy aunt's house, the one who owns all the creepy antiques that maybe also look like ancient scientific torture devices. well, i've also been buying and making pillows in this room in shades of blue. and i must say there is something so satisfying about sewing a couple of rectangles into a pillow. i am the first to admit i cannot sew, i think that's why it seems like magic to me. poof. not too stressful, and no swearing, whatsoever, when i am making a rectangle, this is due largely to not having to undo any seams.

clearly i am also not one of those people who can make a bookshelf look fabulous by somehow magically arranging it just so, i do not have this talent. a lived-in look or maybe a dusty curiosities shop is the best i can hope for. we all have to pick our spots. but i can order a pouf like nobody's business. loving those poufs and am also in love with the phrenology porcelain bust i picked up recently for not much at all. it is the little things. now a cup of tea and a good book and a few quiet hours are what i chiefly need. especially now as a giant swirling hurricane snowstorm bears down on us east coasters, really, that is what they are calling it. each storm has brought new superlatives this winter. sno mg, snomageddon, snopocalypse. snow hurricane. sigh. the snow isn't so bad, but the hyperbolic superlatives, well they are a little hard to bear.

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  1. love the bookshelf pics. i do so adore poufs too. (and j. derian.) my husband, not such a pouf fan. but i snuck off anyway and made a pouf with a tablecloth from anthropologie. if i ever get enough stuffing to finish it, i will post a picture! thanks for sharing your pouf-a-filia.