Oct 28, 2009

perfect pomegranates and please get better already fruit salad

we've been hit by the flu bug. the little guy has missed 3 days of school and counting. and we have a touch of asthma, so caution is not something we are throwing to the wind just now. needless to say, though i am saying it anyway, i haven't been able to get a thing done around here, and the others are not feeling so great either. i am cooking lots of healthy foods like this and this and making please get better already fruit salad. which, this week anyway, is fresh raspberries, blackberries, local empire apples, really perfect pomegranates (really, have you ever seen such a specimen? gorgeous), baby bananas, organic grapes, clementines and a little tangelo or lime juice for a dressing. food as medicine. plenty of green tea, iced or hot depending on which way the fever is swinging. trying to nutritionally coax everyone back to good health.

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