Oct 15, 2009

"i know how to cook"

here is something i am very excited about. "i know how to cook" the quintessential home cookery book in france by ginette mathiot, translated for the first time ever into english. the wonderful clotilde dusoulier of chocolate and zucchini did the translation. i love her blog, it was the first cooking blog i ever read so many years ago. i was fortunate enough to meet her last year. she is really smart, really charming, truly lovely. as fan of french cooking and clotilde, i was terribly excited to receive the book in the mail on saturday, having preordered it from amazon. and looking through the pages, it is even better than i'd hoped. a perfectly french sole meuniere or aoli or eclair or cheese souffle is all within my grasp. too bad i am thinking i've been spending to much time in the kitchen lately (largely baking oat-based baked goods of late). i don't know what to cook first. 

meanwhile "the silver spoon" italy's quintessential home cookery book was translated into english for the first time a few years ago, which changed my life i love it so. and "vefa's kitchen" greece's quintessential home cookery book was translated for the first time earlier this year and i am excited to dive into that as well, and am especially keen to learn all of eggplants many secrets. spain's 10001 recipes is out too, but i don't have that one yet. they are all gorgeous, beautiful, thoughtfully designed, have quite a heft, and have incredible recipes, many of them so simple to prepare that they are hardly recipes at all, more like a way of life. anyway. i love cooking my way around the world and phaidon press is making that a little easier these days. the world is getting closer all the time.

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