Sep 4, 2009

dinner at drouant

now. i can tell you that there is a man in paris, a chef, that can read my mind and excels at his craft beyond all measure. that man is antoine westermann and he is a magician. he prepares exactly what i want to eat, nothing more, nothing less. and he prepares it with more skill, talent and beauty than i could ever possibly imagine. since my last visit to paris he has taken over a famed parisian brasserie, drouant. we had to try it. 

and, it was magical, bien sur. as it was august, we could easily get a reservation on a saturday evening. the food was perfect. sexy. amazing. inspirational. a lovely artichoke and arugula salad with parmesan. or perhaps a salade nicoise. followed by perfect crevettes. or maybe the finest roasted chicken, or scallops of veal, simply prepared. and then the most perfectly delicious apricot and pistachio tart i've ever tasted. and the wine, of course, was incroyable. what a meal. as you know, perfect simplicity really isn't simple at all. 

this week, with all the back to school malarky overtaking our household, it really is great to think back and remember this evening just a few short weeks ago. and so, bon weekend everyone. a three-day, with monday off for labor day here in the u.s. hoping to make good use of it. xo, g


  1. I'm going to check out Drouant right now. Happy September.

  2. Always a treat to hear of your tasty travels! Really enjoy your thoughts.


    Jill Brougher