Sep 14, 2009

Belgian Food

I am dreaming of Belgian food. Like potatoes. You probably know Belgium is famous for chocolate and waffles and wonderful beers but did you know it is also famous for biscuits and lobster and potatoes? And not just their delicious frites and moules frites. I was suprised to learn some of the finer points of Belgian cuisine this visit. We ate really well. At one wonderful traditional restaurant, bleu de toi, I ate a lobster in a potato. The restaurant specializes in lobsters and potatoes. Now would you order a potato dish or a lobster dish? Of course it is a trick question and the answer, at least for me, is both. As I am fond of saying, embrace the and. It was truly sweet, delicious, lobster and the potato was definitely the best ever, so dense, rich and creamy at once. I would never think to put a lobster in a potato, but then I am not as clever as the Belgians. It was the dreamiest thing I have ever eaten.

For me, food and travel are inextricably intertwined. I just love to see how other people eat. It is so completely exciting to me, how they solve that riddle with what's on hand. I can't even begin to tell you how delicious the waffles are. So crispy and light, with gorgeous homemade ice cream and melted chocolate from somewhere like a dream. Everything was like that. I swear. I declare Belgium entirely delicious. Maybe I should become a food anthropologist.


  1. Thanks SO MUCH for this lovely series of photos. I have only one question, WHY YOU AND NOT ME?!!!!! (I know you're actually home now.) The photo of the kiosk at the Gare du Nord, and the photo of the boat shed at Luxembourg Gardens, I would like to take them home with me! Merci, merci!

  2. Your photos are beautiful. Would you mind if I used some?

  3. hello and thanks so much for the very kind compliments on my photography. i adore compliments! in regards to usage rights for the photos, i retain all rights to the photos, and must ask you to submit a request with your contact information and intended use, insure proper credit is given, etcetera, etcetera. you can contact me here: thanks!

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