Aug 7, 2009

summer harvest continues

its been great fun growing parsley, cilantro, peas, cherry tomatoes and radishes in 4 pots on our deck. something wonderful about growing food from seeds. we've enjoyed cooking with super fresh just-picked ingredients. yet, the four pots are not a burden as they are completely manageable to care for. i know my limits, a full vegetable garden would overwhelm me at this point, but someday, hopefully, maybe. of course, our little tomatoes have not ripened yet. delayed by all the cool rainy weather this summer in the east, they really like the heat those tomatoes. in any case, of course, the tomatoes are finally ripening just as we are leaving for a quick trip to europe, as i somehow knew they would. can't complain however, travel trumps tomatoes. will have loads of pictures to share with you upon return. see you soon.

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