Aug 3, 2009

east coast apricots

they are finally here! my favorite element of new england summer. i just saw them for the first time end of last week and they will be in the stores for about 4 weeks. i always imagine tarts and pastries and crumbles and all sorts of pies and things but they are so good right out of their clamshell box that we rarely get them into the oven at all. and that clamshell box, it is sustainable, made entirely from recycled water bottles. i love this grower.

these gorgeous apricots are so delicious they've been written up in the new york times and gourmet magazine. they really are that good. you can even buy them online here. i buy them from whole foods generally. you can also follow them, with harvest updates, on twitter here. these lovely east coast apricots are really juicy with the perfect firm texture and sweet to tart balance i am looking for. i never even knew they grew apricots in new york until our rearrival here 3 years ago after 10 years on the west coast. how did i miss them the last time i lived in new york? when i lived in california i always thought the blenheim apricots were the best i had ever tasted. and they are amazing. but now it's these. a minimalist's perfect breakfast: cup of tea and a few of these luscious apricots. okay apricot infomercial complete. full disclosure: i am not on their payroll, and have received no compensation of any kind for this post, i am just swooning on my own time.

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