Jul 23, 2009


as i have mentioned a few times, we have grown a little kitchen garden on our deck this summer. a fun and entertaining project for me and the kids. we planted radishes, peas, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, parsley and chives. they are all growing so well in their pots. miraculously. tomatoes have broken out everywhere but none are yet ripe. peas are nearly ready, herbs as well, looking lush and full. 

we have been harvesting the radishes for weeks now. our favorite way to serve them, borrowed in part from the french, is sliced thin with the world's greatest butter (lurpak, danish) perched atop a sesame water cracker with a bit of sea salt. this combination is inexplicably delicious. the butter somehow mitigates the radishes pungent temperament and renders it freshly delicious, crunchy, mineraly and interesting. eaten alone, these same radishes have a bit of a spicy sting. we are now habitual radishes-with-butter eaters, all of us. the kids love to harvest, slice, and then decorate.

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