Jul 7, 2009

ad hoc restaurant, napa

r had been dying to try the legendary thomas keller's latest restaurant in yountville ever since it opened a few years ago. living on the east coast now like we do, we haven't had the chance to try it until now. it is genius. a really fun, great experience. ad hoc is a casual place, all food is served family style, one menu, changes each day. no stress ordering, as in no ordering because everybody gets the same thing. we had garden salad with summer squash, cherry tomatoes, toasted pistachios, red onion and creamy dressing, fried chicken, bean salad, corn on the cob with butter, sea salt and chives, a cheese plate with pluots, and a berry granita for dessert. completely worth the trip. exuberant and intelligent staff. read about ad hoc and the story behind it here


  1. so cool. I posted about ad hoc today too on my blog I am going to link your post to teh end of mine right now! Cheers!!!XO

  2. just added you to my blog roll! XO