Jun 29, 2009

point reyes

it is not every day in san francisco in the month of june that you get a perfect day like yesterday. no fog. absolutely no fog. the coast was clear from south bay to north bay. we seized the day and headed for our favorite beach in these parts, about an hour north of the golden gate bridge. limantour beach in point reyes. some people will tell you they love the infamous stinson beach, a hippie surfer hangout that is always crowded and always buzzing with human activity and drama and pageantry, including great white shark attacks on teenagers every few years. which is all fine and good. well, all except for the shark attacks,of course.

i am a different sort of beach lover. the deserted, windswept craggy coast kind. limantour is the remote/gorgeous/majestic type, my cup of tea. shallows, warmer water, gentler pacific surf but pleasingly crashing waves. lots of dunes. a few cliffs. that there is fabulous food nearby in the town of point reyes station, (always a requirement with me, isn't it?) all the better. the original cow girl creamery (cheese makers, seriously have you tried red hawk or mount tam? nothing short of incredible. we are crazy for red hawk around here, available by mail order). whenever we serve red hawk to guests, they also go mad for it and ask a lot of questions about how to get some for themselves. 

it was an altogether great day. yes, we did go on an ambitious, yet beautiful, hike that took way longer than we thought and so we got to join the sunburn club. our day was not perfect, just fabulous. today the fog is back and it is a good thing. it feels wonderfully cool and refreshing on our bits of sunburn.  


  1. I'm with you in regards to the wild coast. Since I'm originally from Oregon, I have a special fondness for rocky, majestic coastlines. However I'll take any beach any day... : )

  2. love your blog! I have been meaning to tell you and let you know I have you on my side bar. have a great day!