Jun 25, 2009

citifield tacos: el verano taqueria

these danny meyer tacos at citifield were the best thing i've ever eaten. i swear.

on father's day we took to the ball fields to watch our beloved mets. the new york metropolitans. now, for those of you who do not follow baseball, i will tell you that both the yankees and the mets built new stadiums that opened this year. but our beloved mets had the genius, the inspiration to put danny meyer in charge of the food. honestly, i never followed baseball until my youngest became entranced by it. he is a championship winning all star little leaguer who memorizes all the stats going far back into the storied history of the game.

but r and i have always been huge fans of danny meyer. a magical restauranteur who had us with his very first restaurant so many years ago, the union square cafe, still one of the best restaurant experiences in nyc. then he took over the gramercy tavern, opened the modern for MOMA's remodel debut, and then there is the shake shack. well his citifield tacos are the best thing i've ever eaten. there. i've said it again. it is hard to say which is better, the chicken mole poblano or the beef. they are both the best thing i've ever eaten. the tortillas are homemade and fresh and thick and soft with just the right chewiness. the meat is perfect and succulent. the onions are very sweet and crunchy, the cilantro tastes like it was just picked this morning. well you get the picture. perfection. oh yah and the shake shack was great too. great burger, great shake. i really am a huge fan. 

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