Jun 8, 2009

simple breakfast

i don't always eat much breakfast. often it is a piece of fruit and a cup or two of tea. today, i had the best thing i've ever eaten. something i perfected in college when i had only a toaster oven. an english muffin, toasted, lovingly slathered with butter and dripping with raw local honey sitting next to the perfect cup of strong, piping hot, british black tea with a spot of milk. followed by a ripe juicy organic nectarine. it doesn't get better than this. seriously, best thing i've ever eaten.

sometimes what we eat tastes better or seems better due to the atmosphere or environment in which it is eaten. the perfect bistro dinner on a first trip to paris, a special celebration dinner with family, a gorgeous night out with dear friends on the perfect summer evening. and so it was this morning. gorgeous and sunny. birds chirping. bunnies nibbling on clover outside. lovely quiet and still house. and as it stands, i am due to have a bit of surgery tomorrow at 7 am (nothing serious, trivial matter really, a polypectomy if you will, takes all of 15 minutes). importantly i don't get to eat breakfast tomorrow. not even a drop of water or tea after midnight due to anesthesia safety. bother. anyway, as you can well imagine, this mornings' breakfast tasted incredibly, breathtakingly, delicious. 

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