May 29, 2009


it is pouring here this week. field day is cancelled ("a sad day in fifth grade history" someone said). nothing to do but make some galettes. what is a galette? isn't that really a tart? yes, well no, sort of. a galette is really more like a giant cookie, easier to work with, the pastry is not quite as richly satisfying as a well made pate sucre tart dough, but satisfying enough and so easy. anyway, it is the kind of thing you can easily fit in between doctor appointments, errands and blog posting on a busy weekday when you have ripening fruit sitting around. will let you know how they've turned out. have a great weekend. weather is supposed to turn lovely. xo, g

1 comment:

  1. I'D like to know how it turned out. When is it ever going to warm up?