May 11, 2009

mother's day treat, profiteroles

all i wanted for mother's day were profiteroles. r, my lovely husband, who has been diligently, dutifully, training and sweating in my kitchen for umpteen odd years, indulgently obliged me. the kids contributed by heating the chocolate sauce and scooping vanilla ice cream. we use the recipe in joy of cooking or baking with julia, depending on how we are feeling. choux paste is really pretty simple and quick with very few ingredients. milk, butter, flour, water, eggs, a touch of salt and or sugar. you do need a strong arm though for incorporating the eggs into that tough ball of dough. but it is good exercise, right? store bought whole foods dark chocolate sauce and store bought all natural organic vanilla ice cream inside. no mystery there. and yet so fluffy, and such a gorgeous mix of textures and temperatures in every bite. 

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