Apr 27, 2009

seedling update and vinegar rhapsody

what a beautiful day. sunny. birds chirping like mad. trees greening up, sprouting leaves. bulbs blooming everywhere. gorgeous. spent the weekend going to the beach. a bit of leisurely gardening. relaxing. eating. lovely. 

first i must tell you that our seedlings are doing well. we planted them way way later than we planned, but in this case our procrastination seems to have worked in our favor as it is still, as of last week, in the 30s at night. we want to be able to plant them outside when conditions are just right. these are the cherry tomato plants. we are going to be planting them in pots on the deck. peas and radishes dont require early starting so we'll plant those when it warms up for good. so far so good. fingers crossed.

second i must tell you that i am in love. in love with distilled white vinegar. i could go on and on and on about it. i'll spare you the worst and just say that it is a fabulous weed killer. and boy do we have weeds to test it out on. it is amazing. just pour it on, being careful not to slosh it on anything you don't want to kill. non toxic to pets and kids of course. also, it is an excellent toilet bowl cleaner. better than any commercial toilet bowl cleaner i've used. really. just pour it on the ring and scrub and swish a bit with the brush. and that's not all, it also is an excellent natural fabric softener, just pour it in to the old washing machine in the same spot as you would any other fabric softener, it has the added benefit of breaking down the laundry detergent proteins for those with super sensitive skin. apparently it also cleans showers quite well. have yet to try this. and we have always cleaned our wood floors with white vinegar and hot hot water. it really is wonderful to be using a product to do all these things that you can actually eat. imagine the carbon and pollution savings if we could quit manufacturing all those other products...a girl can dream. 

also, next post will be my 100th here at cup and table and this week also marks my 6 month blogiversary. yippee! to celebrate i will be offering a giveaway. a thank you to all you lovely people that stop in and read cup and table from time to time. more news on that in a day or two. happy monday.


  1. I wash my floor with it too, but I am very excited to use it as a weed killer. No toxic substances for us, so you can imagine the state of my garden. I'll tell you how it worked for me.

  2. hi corine, yes please do let me know how it works for you as a weed killer, i'm finding normal weeds require only one application but the toughest, giantest, scariest monster weeds, yes we have that kind, as big as a small child, require a second go.