Apr 22, 2009

organic kumquats and reusable shopping bags

so today is earth day here in the u.s. do you have earth day elsewhere? i wonder. anyway, since i am still going on and on about london and waitrose, and it is a day to honor a cleaner earth, i thought i would feature these fabulous reusable grocery bags from waitrose, made of lovely natural burlap or something with a fabulous soft grippable, ergonomic even, handle, for only 99 pence. love them. bought one last year while overloaded with shopping bags on way to hotel hoping to make a more elegant entrance. loved the bag so much and it has held up so well after much uses, this time, had to buy four more. the bright blue are from whole foods, which they gave me for free two years ago and i bought another one to match. add that to my handsome canvas bag from the botanical garden membership drive, and now, i have what amounts to a whole wardrobe of reusable bags.

whole foods gives me 10 cents off per bag that i bring in, whether it is their bag or any other brand. i usually bring 7 even if i don't think i will need so many. as i always without fail buy more than i plan on buying, as i have a weakness for any fresh and delicious looking produce. that is when i remember to bring the bags at all, of course. this earth day is different in that everyone is using reusable grocery bags now. by my rather unscientific survey, i'd say 60% of shoppers are bringing their own bags, last year it was only about 3% i think. that means we are collectively saving tons of landfill and creating less pollution from manufacturing each week. wonderful progress. it is a small thing, but an important thing none the less. oh yes and these organic kumquats are fantastic this week, haven't seen them in ages, tart, sweet, juicy, delicious. highly addictive. 

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