Mar 19, 2009


here's what else we have planned for today. we are going to start from seed this year (we have bought nursery plants in the past because we had no room for seeds). i am hoping this will be cheaper and better since we have far more choice in seeds. it is going to be a great science project for the kids this spring and summer (way less expensive than camp). we will plant in giant pots on our deck, as the deer, chipmunks, squirrels eat everything and i mean EVERYTHING around here. would you believe they come up the step on my covered front porch and dig in the tall iron urns for bulbs? yes they do. and of course you would. you know how hungry they are. even though the bulbs (muscari or grape hyacinths) aren't supposed to be among their many favorites . it will be an adventure. if we can fend them off, we may build a little fenced in garden one of these days when some spare money shows up (will that ever happen again?).

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