Mar 12, 2009


we've been in this house about two years and just this week i had lights installed over the kitchen and dining room tables. i was thinking this was a really long overdue project and how i should have done this ages ago. but then the kindly electrician told me lots of people wait 5 years and 2 was no time at all. of course, now that they are in and we love them (sick! said my kids). well it makes me think i really want some new raw linen curtains or rustic shades or something  (anything) besides the paper ready shades. 

and then i remember our last house. we lived in it for 9 years, gutted and remodeled the whole thing. we barely got around to window treatments at all. well this was partly because we lived on a tiburon slope facing the san francisco bay, golden gate bridge and sausalito, with views to die for, and who even wants window treatments then? and then this makes me remember the second law of thermodynamics you know where entropy (disorder) is part of the system, and no system can operate with 100% or even more than 80% efficiency and everything in an isolated system is moving toward greater entropy. and this means things fall apart. and then i thought, once i get the curtains i will want some nice seat cushions. and by then the cabinets will need repainted. and by then my kids will be grown and we'll move into some entirely different space. and then i thought, well i'll just be satisfied with my new lights for a week and then see what happens.... 

so yay lights. already dinners seem cozier and conversation is warmer, more thoughtful. all the better to enjoy a simple, natural, vegetable-y dinner every night. nourishing. connections. positive energy. lightness. 

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  1. I ADORE this chandelier. I think I posted about it before but I don't remember who makes it. I still haven't installed the lights in my living room and this is 5 years later so your electrician is right.
    It will be Ikea paper lanterns until I can find the elusive fabulous fans/lights I once saw in a magazine but have not been able to locate since.