Feb 17, 2009


last year at this time we were sunning it up in the bahamas. the sand really is some of the best there is. great for building elaborate sand castles and shell collecting which is how we spent most of the week. and that caribbean blue turquoise sea is enchanting. mostly the bahamas are tiny slivers, sand bars with a few palm trees growing on them like weeds. one of the best parts of the trip was the ancient little airplane we took to our island. so old fashioned. you can never feel too comfortable in a plane that old. but once you let go of your fear, your sense of adventure kicks in. beautiful ride. we survived. barely.

anyway. one of us got food poisoning on that trip. really bad food poisoning. so bad that it cured us all of ever wanting to go south in february to get away from winter. at least anywhere without access to modern medical care. we discovered there are far worse things than february in new england. today we are reading and milling about the house smiling at each other. just happy to have nowhere to be at any certain time. 

i took all these photos with my iphone camera. yes it is the slowest app in the world. but it does take nice pictures. when i got home i was treated to an $1800 cell phone bill. new to the iphone, i didn't realize that merely turning on the phone to set an alarm or check the time would get me crazy roaming charges for data. kindly, dear at&t removed the charges for me, all but about $200 of them. a happy ending.

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