Feb 24, 2009

simple food

with the shifting sands of financial storms swirling about us, this winter has been especially cold and especially hard. uncertainty is everywhere. the weather is just plain awful. anxiety about the economy is trending up. gloom. doubt. worry. household budgets are under greater scrutiny. eating out less is in. what to do, what to do?

luckily, i love eggs. they go so well with scallions and tomatoes and spinach and cheese. they are so easy. they are so cheap (perfect recession food). they are so fast. so full of protein and even all important omega 3 (if you buy the eggs of chickens fed with omega 3 which i always do, as i want to feel they are nutritious and not just a lot of cholesterol, but then i am a sucker for that gimmick every single time). eggs have been rehabilitated since their days as public food enemy #1 after we learned that scientific error caused a cholesterol scare. it turns out eggs are pretty healthy and that only around 15% of the cholesterol in our blood is affected or caused by dietary sources of cholesterol. in other words. don't blame eggs.  

i generally make something halfway between a french omelet and a scramble. the eggs cook really fast this way and don't have time to get rubbery or stiff, still wiggly and luscious, yet fully, safely cooked. and i love the way eggs taste with vegetables. other kinds of onions and red peppers and lots of other things would be good. eggs are as versatile as tofu. and there is so much veg in this dish that it feeds two people until they are happily, luxuriously stuffed.

eggs with scallions, cherry tomato, spinach and parmesan
3 eggs, whisked
3 scallions, chopped
12 cherry tomatoes lightly chopped (and seeded if you like)
1 cup baby spinach leaves
1 TBSP olive oil (i use organic extra virgin from italy)
freshly grated parmesan cheese
salt and pepper to taste

put an 8 or 9 inch nonstick pan on the griddle. heat it up nicely. add olive oil. throw spinach into pan. stir around for 15 seconds. add scallions and tomatoes. saute quickly for a minute or two at most. pour in the whisked eggs. sprinkle the parmesan cheese over the top and any salt and pepper you like. with spatula in hand, as soon as bottom of eggs are set, tilt pan and push cooked eggs into center of pan allowing runny uncooked egg to fill the void. turn pan and repeat on other sides of pan until all egg is set. gently fold in the sides and slide onto serving dish. slice in two. serve with some nice sourdough toast, a few olives, maybe a slice of prosciutto on the toast. a whole mediterranean thing going on. mmm. i do love breakfast for dinner. or eggs any time of day. there there now. it is not so bad. everything will turn out okay. 


  1. this looks just like the dinner i made a few nights ago. only i didn't take such lovely photos and accompany the food with such lovely thoughts. so glad to have found your blog.

  2. "heat it up nicely" - for me, i usually keep eggs on about 4 (of 9) at the very most...if you cook eggs on too high of heat, the proteins gunk up too quickly. lowering the temperature means they gradually crosslink instead (makes them fluffy and delicious!) thank you biochem professor :)