Feb 2, 2009

rouge tomate

really great newish restaurant in the old nicole farhi space in manhattan (60th st and 5th ave) rouge tomate is a belgian restaurant with an emphasis on healthy eating. i had oysters mignonette with pomegranate, ginger and citrus and then my entree was blue prawn salad. it was amazing. i love this place. they have a philosophy to go with their food called S.P.E., or sanitas per escam, health through food. described as a culinary charter developed by chefs and nutritionists that is based on a genuine respect for ingredients and balanced dishes. it did look and taste extra healthy. and really delicious. with restaurant prices what they are these days, it really should be healthy. something you would eat not just because it tasted good and looked pretty. added value, nutrition, worth paying for. it's pretty much been proven that people will eat just about anything (for example the bacon explosion in last week's new york times and which i then saw for sale on sunday at whole foods as 'bacon sausage roll') i think a bit of a nutrition filter is well, a good idea. 

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