Feb 5, 2009

43 days till spring and counting

well we had another snowstorm this week and another day off school. and i still have a sick child home with a fever. but there are only forty something days until spring now, according to this lovely sign i photographed in town yesterday. i love that it is all hand-painted and has those crazy daisies/sunflowers on it. and it has the the 'only' up above,  an optimistic afterthought. i love everything about it. 

below that are some fox footprints in my driveway, two foxes live just over the stone wall. charming you think. until you see how much they hunt. no wonder we haven't seen the turkeys for a while. feeling bad for the groundhogs that live nearby. lots of fox footprints at the door of their burrow in a boulder retaining wall. tough winter all around.

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