Jan 20, 2009

still winter

it is definitely still winter around here. the snow keeps falling. the mercury keeps dropping. winter. snow on top of snow on top of ice on top of snow.

a simple breakfast was called for today. plain yogurt, toasted oats, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, apricot king dried apricots. apricot king is the best. i order his apricots and have them shipped all the way from northern california. "home grown in the flavor zone" is his slogan. really good though despite the slogan. tart. moist. chewey. not too sweet. (minimum of sulfer dioxide...i've tried them without the preservative and they are just. awful)  anyway these apricots taste so incredible, so delicious, it seems perfectly believable that we will be feasting on juicy fresh local apricots just 5 months from now. you are on your way out, old man winter. 

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