Dec 22, 2008

what's good for the goose

what's good for the goose is not necessarily good for me. on the bright side we had a lovely snowstorm. a whole lot of fun. on the down side i started shopping for our christmas feast today. lots of grumbling at the grocers. not much good cheer out there this morning. and worse. my dear whole foods isn't even selling goose this year. no christmas goose, not any. bother. stopped at balducci's. yay, they had one, a beautiful 14 pounder from d'artagnan, my very favorite butcher shop/fine meats purveyor and more, in all of new york city (and there are so very many great ones). sadly for me, (though i am sure the goose is quite happy about all this) this goose had a price tag unlike i have ever seen. i have always thought goose was expensive, running around $70, maybe $80, but this goose was more than twice that. hence, my goose is cooked (as in no goose for my pot). instead we are having a lovely and (perfectly reasonably priced) d'artagnan rack of lamb. we so rarely eat red meat. it will be delicious i am sure, with a salty-crispy crust and a juicy interior. and much easier to cook than a goose. the whole thing will be done in 30 minutes. yah, more time for family and playing with new presents. also bought some lovely d'artagnan foie gras pate for christmas starters. to my mind, their pate is the best you can find outside of france. anyway, off to plan a new menu. now i am listening to some lovely handel and posting this photo from the snowstorm, just as it was starting. fresh and lovely holiday snow, full of good cheer.

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