Dec 30, 2008

a fresh start. yogurt and fruit.

i have been encouraging the kids to prepare breakfast in the morning, even on special days, like christmas. a stroke of genius on my part. the kids love it, and excitedly put the whole thing together, busily washing, slicing, setting out, choosing dishes, while r and i relax, sip our tea, and feel spoiled. a key to this is having lots of fresh fruit on hand. one child eats only tropical fruits like passion fruit and starfruit. oh my. anyway. the rest of us love a bit of plain yogurt, maybe some toasted oats, a drizzle of honey, lots of ripe juicy berries, apples, anything that looks delicious at the grocers. they have also perfected their own hot chocolate, with a mix of chocolate, cocoa and milk they prepare themselves, a little bit different each time, their own special blend.

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