Dec 2, 2008

muji cafe marunouchi

tokyo. where to begin? muji cafe. we were fortunate to be staying in marunouchi, a newly fashionable area with a lot of great shops, restaurants and cafes. especially exciting for us was muji cafe. we love all things muji. we fell in love with muji stores in tokyo and they expanded to new york, london, paris, and rome. we have been enjoying their wares ever since, and now a cafe. hooray muji. here is what we were eating, fried tofu patty (gonmae or gonmo or gonmodoki) and salads, hijiki romaine, and napa cabbage with slivered carrots and apple. great pastries and things also. very pleasing and comfortable in every way. always the flatterer, my youngest child said, "the food here reminds me of your food mom." what i am thinking this means is, "obsessed with vegetables." i have just now realized that nearly every post so far on this new little blog has been about vegetables and maybe some fruits. even the pie was a squash pie. i guess i am obsessed because i would love gigantic photos of vegetables on our walls.

1 comment:

  1. I think you've found your photographic metier, Gretchen. Enormous vegetables!