Dec 17, 2008

holiday menu planning

been thinking about our christmas holdiay menus this year. pictured above is last year's lobster dinner for christmas eve. it was fun to do the whole newspaper thing. we were celebrating a few days early and about to get on a plane to san francisco, so we kept things simple and a bit slapdash. for (our early) christmas eve we had the steamed lobster with vietnamese dipping sauce, which turned out to be a huge favorite, steamed rice, and mixed salad with tomatoes and avocados, vietnamese inspired citrusy dressing. it was great. living in new england, as we do now, with great little lobster shacks scattered liberally on long island sound, it is just too easy to get. we ate it a lot last summer. and now the kids are tired of fighting to get the meat out of their food (poor little darlings). so we need a new idea. suggestions please! luckily, christmas day menu ideas are plentiful, here's what i am thinking so far:

christmas 2008 menu
foie gras pate and toasts
cheeses, dried fruit, nuts, cracker assortment

lightly browned brussel sprouts
roasted tiny red potatoes
roast goose
mache salad with pommegranate seeds, apple slivers, leeks with pommegranate juice, apple cider vinegar, olive oil dressing

profiteroles, vanilla ice cream and warm gooey chocolate sauce

that all sounds well and good. but i've still no idea what i could serve christmas eve. oysters and wild rice casserole with caesar salad, crusty bread and white wine, like my mom every year? i love oysters, but my kids hate oysters, but they love wild rice....hmmm.... maybe something simple like cambodian rice porridge, an earlier post. so fresh and light. not very holidayish though. maybe with a cleverly decorated table and candlelight it doesn't matter so much what you eat, more the mood and experience, as long as it is all done with care and good cheer. clearly i must ruminate on this a while longer. 7 days and counting...

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