Nov 1, 2008

artichokes and lemony mayonnaise

I just love artichokes, don't you? I love them best steamed/boiled, trimmed and served whole with a tangy lemon mayonnaise sauce. couldn't really be much simpler.

my kids love vegetables as long as there is a dipping sauce. when they were really little I would let them dip their broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans in a small dish of soy sauce. now they dip asparagus and artichoke leaves into the lemony mayonnaise. i suppose i could call this lemon aoili, but lemoney mayonnaise seems more accurate, since i don't make the whole lightly seasoned oil/egg mixture from scratch like my mom used to.

lemony mayonnaise
3-4 heaping TBSP store-bought organic mayonnaise
(I use Spectrum brand usually)
Juice from 2 lemons

mix sauce with a small wire whisk. serve in small dishes. dip with abandon.

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